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China 'ready to fight back' after Washington's sho
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 Special In-game Event for Swtor Izax Conquest from Feb 27 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Recently it has been revealed that a special in-game event will come for the final Iokath Operation Boss – Izax, The Destroyer, and beating swtor credits Izax will grant you a time locked Achievement, exclusive title and special reward. Moreover, don’t forget the new Conquest Total Galactic War active tomorrow.

Swtor Conquest: Total Galactic War active from Feb 27

Conquest: Total Galactic War is coming from February 27, 2018. “Total war has broken out on worlds across the galaxy, with skirmishes taking place on dozens of battlefronts. Opportunities abound during this period of intense, widespread fighting.”
Conquerable planets include Tatooine, Balmorra, Alderaan, Hoth, Voss, Belsavis, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh, Corellia, Ilum, Taris and Makeb. The personal/guild reward goal is 50,000.

Upcoming in-game event for Swtor Izax, The Destroyer

Mentioned in Spring Roadmap 2018, one special in-game event is coming with the final Iokath Operation Boss – Izax, The Destroyer, which will be time-locked between Swtor Updates 5.8 and 5.9.
During this special Izax event, you will have an opportunity to receive a new achievement, a special and unique Title, and a new and very enticing Legacy-based reward. To qualify for the special rewards, you will be required to defeat Izax on Veteran Mode which is more challenging than the rest of the bosses – kind of like a Master Mode. Notice that after Swtor Update 5.9 you can no longer earn that Achievement or Title, and the special reward will then become a very rare drop off of Swtor Izax which will be a BoP version, instead of Legacy-wide.Read More

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 Final Fantasy XIV Symphony Concert Tour Will Premiere In Hollywood Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Eorzean Symphony's buy ffxiv gil concert was taking place in Japan: the event is coming to the United States for the first time in June. The Eorzean Symphony concert will premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on June 15-16, 2018.

There's the full orchestra. There's the choir. There are the director and composer of the game. Could there possibly be more? Original vocal artist Susan Calloway will be singing renditions of the songs “Answers” and “Dragonsong.” The two-night event will feature a 100 piece orchestra and a full choir; they'll perform with full HD video excerpts of the game playing on screens around them. If this wasn't enough, Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XIV producer and director) and Masayoshi Soken (sound director and composer) will also be on hand. This has been a long time coming for U.S. based fans of the game who have yearned to have this concert experience.

While the Eorzean Symphony will start the summer here in the U.S., the tour will end across the pond, as the symphony will be doing another two-night concert event in Dortmund, Germany on August 24-25. Playing Final Fantasy is a worldwide phenomenon, Ffxiv gil is important in game; enjoying its beautiful music in a live setting should be one too.Click to Buy

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 Classic Crown Crates Available In ESO Crown Store On December Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

December is here! It's time to update the new items that will show in Crown Store! Purchase the mountainous abode, festive hats, a very merry mount, and the limited-time return of both the Storm Atronach and Wild Hunt Crown Crates this month!
Crown Crafting Motif: Stalhrim Frostcaster Style - "The most curious aspect of this Frostcaster clothing was its extensive use of an unfamiliar translucent blue-white material labeled 'Stalhrim', a sort of crystalline metal unlike anything I've ever seen. It was so strange that I laid hands upon it, rubbing and tapping. It was rigid, faceted yet smooth, and gave off a distinct chill," eso gold Doctor Alfidia Lupus said. The Stalhrim Frostcaster Style Crown Crafting Motif will be available for a limited time on all platforms, from December 14 through January 2.
Pariah's Pinnacle - The grand and majestic mountaintop retreat of Orc cultural hero Baloth Bloodtusk was sealed off in the First Era by King Joile, but its ancient Orcish halls were recently reopened by order of King Kurog. The Pariah's Pinnacle home will be available on all platforms for a limited time from December 7 to January 2.
Furnishing Pack: Malacath's Chosen - Honor Malacath and his Orc-children with these typically sturdy and durable furnishings from the ancient mountain strongholds of Wrothgar. The Malacath's Chosen Furnishing Pack will be available for a limited time on all platforms, from December 7 through January 2.
Winter Garland Dapple Gray - This festive horse is sure to spread holiday cheer - with bells on! The proud owner of such a steed can be almost assured that they have the handsomest horse in town. The Winter Garland Dapple Gray will be available for a limited time on all platforms during the New Life Festival, from December 21 through January 2.visit homepage

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  North and South Korea lay down table tennis bats Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

North and South Korea have again turned to sport in another small step towards reconciliation, creating a unified women’s table tennis team.To get more table tennis latest news, you can visit shine news official website.

The two countries were due to face each other in the quarter-finals of the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden, but instead asked organisers if they could merge and progress to the semi-finals together. The move was approved, meaning they will face either Japan or Ukraine in the final four on Friday as a united Korean team.

The news comes three months after the Winter Olympics, when they fielded a unified women’s ice hockey team and marched together under a shared flag at the opening and closing ceremonies, and only days after the two nations pledged to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. On Thursday the president of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, said he would support peace talks on the Korean peninsula with sports initiatives.

“We have committed ourselves to the request of both (countries) to accompany peace talks through sports initiatives and meetings, encounters and support for athletes,” Bach said.

“There is more to come on short notice, in mid-term and long-term with regard to the upcoming Youth Olympics (in October in Buenos Aires), Tokyo 2020 Olympics and with the youth Games in Lausanne in 2020 and then of course the winter Games in Beijing 2022.”

Bach said politicians had used the momentum created by the Olympic Games to further push for peace between the two nations. The IOC had supported several North Korean athletes with cash and in-kind support to help them qualify for the Pyeongchang Games.We hope this momentum keeps going and that the governments will come to results which will mean peace on the Korean peninsula and means also peace for the world," he said.

"This Olympic momentum is continuing and the political side now has obviously used this momentum to enter into peace talks for the Korean peninsula."

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 China pledges efforts to reduce corporate leverage Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

China will continue its efforts to reduce the corporate leverage ratio this year to effectively control macro leverage and rein in financial risks, the top economic planner said Wednesday.Find the latest business news in china, stories and opinions on politics, business, society, lifestyle and culture, as well as featured stories and multimedia coverage from SHINE.

A mechanism to prevent and control corporate debt risks will be established, and the monitoring and early warning mechanism of corporate debt risks will be improved, according to a guideline on reducing corporate leverage in 2018, released by five central departments including the National Development and Reform Commission.

Debt-to-equity swap projects will be advanced in a market-oriented and law-based manner, and the financing channels of institutions will be widened, according to the guideline.

Disposal of loss-making zombie companies' debt will be accelerated, with improved policies for debt disposal and perfected system for law-based bankruptcy by removing barriers obstructing bankruptcy according to law, while merger and restructuring of companies will be actively promoted, said the guideline.

China has made steady progress in deleveraging, and the country's leverage ratio has been gradually lowered.

Since 2017, the growth of China's leverage ratio has slowed down substantially. The leverage ratio in 2017 was 2.4 percentage points higher than in 2016. The growth was 10.9 percentage points lower than the average annual growth rate from 2012 to 2016, data showed.

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