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 FIFA 19: How to make coins worth of packs in one hour on Ultimate Team Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

FIFA 19: How to make coins worth of packs in one hour on Ultimate Team One of the best ways to build up your coffers quickly is through Squad Builder Challenges (SBCs), where you trade squads of players for prizes, and there are two in particular that are relatively easy to complete but reward you with a Prime Gold Player pack that would normally cost 45,000 coins.fifa coins online You will need to invest some funds initially in order to build the squads, but completing both should not set you back more than 15,000 coins, yields a combined pack value of 90,000 coins and could land you a superstar player – just as long as you have better pack luck than us! Most of these Championship players can be snapped up for their BIN price. This particular SBC solution will require you to get either a LM > LW or RM > RW position change card to apply to Adomah or Phillips and secure a crucial extra chemistry point. Alternatively, you could play 10 games with the side and earn a loyalty bonus (and extra chemistry point) for each player. If you packed any of the above players, they will come with the loyalty bonus already. This particular SBC very nearly became quite frustrating, with rival players buying up the likes of Fontas and Marcano (who play in MLS and Serie A respectively, which is quite rare for Spanish players), but we managed to get them relatively cheaply. Benfica left-back Alex Grimaldo, who would also fit into the team at LB, was similarly being price fixed, so we opted for Wolves wing-back Jonny and converted him to LB for half the price. Both of the above teams are just examples, and you may find alternative (and cheaper) ways to complete SBCs using players you packed. For further tips on how to make coins on Ultimate Team, check out our handy guide. And if you’ve already built a tidy war chest, here’s the best cheap starter team to begin playing matches with.Click to Buy more fut coins

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 How to Make Money in FIFA 19 Career Mode Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How to Make Money in FIFA 19 Career Mode We all know the dream when playing cheap fifa ultimate team coins career mode: getting a lower league club to the top of their respective country, spending millions on the best players in the process. Of course, that requires quite a lot of money to do so. I’ve compiled a short list of some of the best ways to make money in FIFA 19‘s career mode. Have fun getting rich! The most obvious way to make money in Career Mode is to buy the financial takeover option from the EA Sports Catalogue. Simply click the right analogue stick in the menus to open the catalogue, and then scroll to and select “financial takeover”. The first one will cost you 1,000 FCC. If you’re an avid FIFA player then the cost probably won’t make much of a dent – I have 903,106 FCC. Winning trophies in FIFA 19 won’t get you money straight away – apart from the pre-season tournament which you should aim to win. Progressing through any trophy competition will net you some money, and for those teams in League 2, progressing through the FA Cup can be a real financial boost in career mode (just like real life). This year EA Sports has allowed you to keep more funds from previous seasons, and budget is affected by how well you performed the year previous, so winning trophies and getting promoted will net you more money to spend for the upcoming season.Often at a club you may find yourself with a bunch of young players you have no desire to use in the squad. Now, you could get them out of the squad ASAP, but if you don’t mind spending a bit of time training them up, those young players will be worth more later on. You can turn a mid 60s player worth less than a million into a mid 70s player worth £10m by the end of your first season. So, whether you’re behemoth Manchester United, or cash-stripped Forest Green, keep an eye on those promising players that, with a bit of training, could net you a nifty fee. Also make sure you send off a scout to look for youngsters to bring into the club to train then sell.want know more fut coins news Read More

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 Nintendo Streams PS4 Pro Ads During FIFA 19 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nintendo Streams PS4 Pro Ads During FIFA 19 Nintendo has shared another new video directly from the show floor of Gamescom 2018, this time treating us to a look at the upcoming FIFA 19. Aside from admiring the lovely footage being shown off for the new Champions League mode (a first for fifa 19 ultimate team coins following the expiration of the deal with Konami's PES), we couldn't help but notice several completely in-your-face advertisements for the PS4 Pro. The hosts kick off with a match at around the 5:32 mark, jumping right into a custom Champions League game between Limerick FC and Paris Saint-Germain. As you can see, dotted around the edge of the pitch on the advertisement boards are several ads for the PS4 Pro innocently sitting amongst the likes of Pepsi and Mastercard, slyly tempting Switch fans to jump ship and play on Sony's machine instead. You might think that these adverts would be removed on consoles other than those in the PlayStation family, but FIFA stays true to real-life advertising and branding, taking on the real sponsorships on the team's shirts, footwear, and - yes - advertising boards. Sony sponsors the Champions League in real life, so FIFA naturally honours this agreement in the game; the branding will be present across all versions. Still, while the logic is bulletproof, there's something very odd about Nintendo streaming an advert for a rival console. Once you get past the initial shock of it all, however, you may well actually enjoy the thirty minutes or so of FIFA action on Switch. It certainly looks a lot like FIFA 18, but there appear to be a number of improvements under the hood - the fancy new Champions League mode being one obvious example.Want to buy FIFA Coins from www.fifacoinsbuy.com

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 FIFA 19 SWITCH REVIEW Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

FIFA 19 SWITCH REVIEW While the fifa coins comprar series has done impressive things on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, the Switch version is still lagging behind. Despite notable upgrades from the very disappointing FIFA 18, including a glossy, Champions League makeover, inclusion of the enjoyable new House Rules modes, and the ability to now play online with friends, FIFA 19 on Switch is still a frustrating and unrewarding experience, especially on the pitch. FIFA 19’s moment-to-moment gameplay remains, disappointingly, largely unchanged from last year’s under-par outing. Still running on EA’s Ignite engine (last used on the PS4/Xbox/PC version for FIFA 16), it simply can’t compete with the fluidity of movement and authentically animated players the Frostbite-powered versions display. Additionally, the tempo of play is all over the place, with some players boasting ludicrous speed that makes them almost impossible to track as a defender, to others who give the feeling they’re wading through tar as they attempt to turn with the ball. Passes zip satisfyingly along the grass but fail to reach their desired destination with regularity, because the Joy-Con’s analogue sticks don’t provide the level of accuracy needed to feel completely in control. You’re better off with a Pro controller if you’ve got one. When smooth passages of play do occur it often feels like more luck than skill or judgement due to the inconsistencies with passing, whether it’s a short ball or a long, probing pass. The same can be said of crosses; the same kind of unreliability means getting a forward to connect on the end of a precious cross feels more of a lottery than a well-executed move. Elsewhere, the middle of the park often resembles a pinball machine, with the ball cannoning off of misscontrolling players at a more frequent rate than you’d expect from professional footballers. You can make challenges on opposition players, cleanly taking the ball, but ultimately not end up with possession as the ball trails off into space to a player on the other team, in turn, becoming unfairly unpredictable. This happens with regularity and can make each potential tackle a game of chance. The Switch version really lacks some of the gameplay innovations introduced to the core FIFA 19 in this regard. The lack of the revamped first-touch system and the much fairer way 50/50 balls are decided could have gone some way to making me feel more in control of my team.Click Here

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 makes a return in FIFA 19 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

makes a return in FIFA 19 FIFA is comprised of two major player bases: those that play Ultimate Team, and those that don’t. The latter group has often felt underappreciated by EA Sports, and once again with fifa ultimate team coins it has every reason to. I probably play over 500 hours of FIFA every year. Of those, only about five are spent in Ultimate Team – a mode primarily designed to eke those £s out of you. I spend most of the year restarting a career mode with Manchester United every time they lose. This year confirms what I feared for career mode players like myself: “Hey, look! Champion’s League! That’s it!”. The FIFA 19 beta came along and slowly, word got out that career mode was practically unchanged, as was Pro Clubs. When Konami announced that it would not be renewing the Champions League and Europa League licenses for PES, FIFA players knew that could only mean EA would announce the partnership at E3. It’s an addition that could be truly great, sure, but my fear was that EA Sports would merely do a bit of a reskin and add some new commentary. Sadly, that’s exactly what it feels like. Every time FIFA gets a new feature off the pitch, there’s a sense of “is that the best you could do?”. Frankly, everything could do with a little bit more effort and thought put into it. The Journey, FIFA’s story mode, makes a return in FIFA 19, giving us the final part of Alex Hunter’s journey. This year though, he’s joined by two more characters: you’ll also play as Kim Hunter and Danny Williams. While they’re playable briefly in FIFA 18, they take more centre stage alongside Alex in FIFA 19 with dialogue choices, training, and matches. It’s moved slightly away from being about Alex Hunter and his immediate family. Being able to spend more time with Kim as a playable character offers some more welcome representation of women’s football, but I can’t help but feel that Danny’s inclusion feels a little like spoiling the broth.www.fifacoincomprar.com.br

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